Meet the photographer...


Hello! My name is Katrina, though I write on other parts of the interwebs as sweeterchord. I like poetry on photos, rain on beaches, smudges on signatures, and every other unexpected combination that prompts you to see the world a little differently. Enter: Camera.

Who are you?

I'm an adventure-seeking, moment-pondering, and dream-chasing lover of love.

And that sounds way cheesier than I intended. I'm also a food-spilling, hand-painting, and food-cooking lover of life. I enjoy kickboxing, making new carb heavy recipes (soft baked pretzels = zero shame), and snuggling my baby jaguar, Remy.

You can find me in Memphis, but I'm available worldwide!

What is your vision?

I see photography as an expression - a voice. It is a way for me to see the world around me through a different lens (pun intended), as well as a wonderful avenue to get to know people and help them express their voices too.

My vision for my photography is to share something that goes beyond the surface. I want to see people for who they are, capture those moments that often go overlooked, and share a story throughout it all: your story.