Graduate || Tori

Somehow it feels like longer ago that I was in this place, still a student, curious as to where God would take me next. So much excitement, anticipation, and hesitation all wrapped up into one season of life...

May this season teach you, grow you, and bring you more laughter and whimsy than you ever thought possible. This is what I hope for you.

Portraits || Melinda

Alternate blog title: Why "Twin Tuesdays" Are Among The Best Things To Ever Happened To Me

August 2012: My mom excitedly tells me about this lovely woman she became friends with at the parents' prayer walk around campus. "You've got to meet her daughter!!"

Freshman year: I (not infrequently) am confused with another girl of similar height, hair cut/color, smile, etc. I sit myself down across the table from her and declare, "We should probably be friends." We discover that our moms met during the prayer walk and she is the girl my mom told me to meet. (Thank you mom.)

Three and a half years later, Twin status solidly in place. Left: me. Right: Melinda

Three and a half years later, Twin status solidly in place. Left: me. Right: Melinda

Senior year: Twin and I collaborate on the year's DanceInFlight production. Her: the director, giving shape to the show. Me: the poet, giving voice to the dancers. Her: giving herself, body and soul (and sleep) to the show and to her dancers, together creating something astounding. Me: honored, delighted, and challenged to turn an amalgamation of themes and dances into a story that makes sense.

February 2016: The Show. (Click here for a peek.) 

April 2016: Following the theme of twin-ness, dance, art, and poetry, we embark on the first (of hopefully many) Twin Tuesdays, making the most of the remaining moments before we both graduate at the end of the month. The following ensues:

I am thankful.

I am in awe of the beautiful friends I have had the pleasure and honor of getting to know. I am excited to see where we will go. I am thankful.

Graduate || Alexa

Golly, (do people say golly anymore?) I love what I do. I get to roam around in the woods with delightful people, hear about their hearts, and take pretty photos. What's not to like?

Say hello to the lovely Alexa, a cool kid with an even cooler heart, drummer, Jesus-lover, big-smiler, and a soon-to-be university graduate. Thanks for being you.