Engaged || Jess & Natalie

My goodness, I don't even know where to begin with these two.

Saturday morning recipe:

  • three parts laughter
  • two parts silliness
  • one heaping handful (let's be real, several buckets full) of love

Caution: be aware of surroundings. Side effects include excitement and may induce happy-dancing through tall grass and/or in Starbucks. 

Graduate || Alexa

Golly, (do people say golly anymore?) I love what I do. I get to roam around in the woods with delightful people, hear about their hearts, and take pretty photos. What's not to like?

Say hello to the lovely Alexa, a cool kid with an even cooler heart, drummer, Jesus-lover, big-smiler, and a soon-to-be university graduate. Thanks for being you.